For those who has modern house is a dream of everyone, a lot of inspiration modern house can be used as a benchmark one Korean style modern home that recently very popular in Indonesia. Korea is a country known for its traditions, as well as the music, fashion and Korean dramas are much loved by the youth of Indonesia. If you often watch Korean dramas, many of which show what kind of modern Korean house, from the drama that many Indonesian people are inspired to make a modern korean house.

In contrast to the modern style Japanese, Korean style modern home uses a very elegant design and impressed make occupants feel comfortable. Korean style modern house actually made by referring to the contemporary and traditional styles using modern furniture and interior typical of Asia. If we look in more detail, the Korean style modern home is not too different from the modern house in Indonesia, ranging from the use of wood, tiles, metal and paint color is almost the same. Only from forms are increasingly varied. Modern house today to be excellent in Indonesian society, this is because the vacant land will be built more and more narrow, as an alternative, the Korean model homes have been most people. Because that is why modern, lot of interest and preferred because it can utilize the land properly. In Indonesia, alone modern home not only used in big cities, but also in villages have started to bloom choosing modern design. In addition to requiring land that is not so wide, modern design used normally, so many people are getting interested and liked the house the model like this. Furthermore, the Korean style minimalist house plans are very good indeed although only modest.

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