What do you imagine when you hear the word storied mattress? Of course an extra mattress with a mattress on the upper level that will arise in your mind. However, what if the mattress is terraced with a desk underneath? What do you think?

Here An innovative bedis a mix between a mattress and a work desk in addition to the furniture is equipped with cabinets, drawers, and shelves. You can change the functionality of the furniture is in accordance with the needs. In addition, our designer rooms have recently been creating unique creations are also graded on a mattress as well as a study desk. This is done to relieve tired and bored with the shape of the mattress mediocre. the image shows that the learning table located under the mattress which are connected by a small staircase.

We call this Loft Bed with Desk: The desk is most often underneath the loft bed. You can choose between full or twin loft bed and it is best to decide based on the age and size of your child, as well as the dimensions of the room. Here are the designs that we provide to you in our site. We understand that the size of the desk can be big or small so that we try to custom it according to the order. Furthermore, the other loft beds have a bigger desk that takes up more of the space underneath the bed. However, if you are confused to choose which one the designs, you consulate to our supervisor about the material, designs, and common options needed.

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